M. Richter

Covid-19 Update- Distance Learning

General Biology - work will be placed on moodle for students in biology.
      1. Please go to
      2. Sign in with your school log in
      3. Find course WFHS Biology. You will already be enrolled in the course.

All assignments will be due on Sunday of each week.

Please contact me if you cannot access your moodle page or do not have internet access.
      School phone: 540-853-2781

Week/ Dates
Assignment Description
Paper Copy
 Week 01
March 16-22
Vocabulary Check 01-02
Practice Quiz 01-02
 Week 02
March 23-29
Vocabulary Check 03-05
Practice Quiz 03-05
 Week 03
March 30 - April 05
Scientific Investigation Practice
Biochemistry Practice
Cell Transport & Organelle Practice
Cell Energy & Cycle Practice
 Spring Break
April 06 - 13
 Week 04
April 14-19
Lesson 01: Intro to Ecology
Lesson 02: Species Interaction
 Week 05
April 20-26


Mr. Richter
My name is Michael Richter and I am one of the Science Teachers at WFHS. This will be my seventh year at Fleming.  I teach SOL Biology and am the science department chair and instructional coach for science. Please find your class on the left of this page for additional information.

Room: 1016