Virtual Art Exhibit
Fleming Virtual Art Exhibit 2020
Fleming Virtual Art Exhibit

William Fleming
2020 Virtual
Interactive Art Exhibit


William Fleming has many talented students from budding scientists, writers, and artists.  This year, Fleming is proud to provide fellow students, parents/guardians, faculty, and staff a peek into some of its artistic talent through a virtual interactive art exhibit.  Viewers can vote on their favorite student works.  The interactive exhibition hall is downloadable at the following link:

Fleming Virtual Art Exhibit 2020

Note:  To go through the interactive exhibits you must download the file to your local drive and then double-click on the file from your computer.  The exhibit hall has background music if you have speakers or headphones turned on.

For help in downloading and running the exhibit, a quick guide is available (MS Word) for review by clicking here.

Additionally, viewers may vote on their favorite works within the exhibit hall by noting the exhibit number associated with the work or they can vote on the work by writing down the exhibit number and going to the following link:

Vote for your favorite work of art here.