Covid-19 Information

COVID-19 Announcements

This morning, all Roanoke City Public Schools Economics & Personal Finance high school teachers developed an online education platform in the event that RCPS closes due to COVID-19. At 2:30 PM today, Gov. Northam decided to close all Virginia schools, k-12, for the 2-week period 3/16-3/27.

On that note, I am assigning all of my students to complete their EverFi project, modules 1-9. ("Completion" is defined as passing each module's 10-question post-test with a minimum score of 70.) Most students in my classes have already begun many of these modules and are familiar with the assignment, so I feel this is very attainable for all students.

Assuming we return to Fleming on Monday, March 30th, (the plan as of this memo), the expectation is for all students to have completed this aforementioned assignment by that time.

Our WISE (Personal Finance student credential test and graduation requirement) test is scheduled for the week of April 20th, so I want to be certain that all students are as prepared as possible for passage of this test. The EverFi program is a proven educational vehicle to aid in attaining this goal.

In conclusion, parents/guardians, please assist your child in making sure this assignment is complete by Monday, March 30th.