Important Info & News
News & Information
This page is for class information, news, and helpful tips.

Below is a list of supplies students will need this year for my course:

  • 1" 3-Ring Binder
  • Loose leaf college rule paper (2 packs)
  • Tab Dividers (1 pack of 5)
  • 3-Ring Pencil Pouch - to keep supplies in class
  • Pencils
  • Highlighters (recommend at least 4 colors)
  • Spiral Notebook (10th grade only)
  • Small personal bottle of hand sanitizer (personal use, to store in pencil pouch)
All classroom apps students will use are located on the Clever portal.  Below is a summary of the apps I will be using most often:
  • Edmodo - Class updates, including homework and class assignments, are posted here (NOTE: This will not be used until students return)
  • Quill - 10th Grade resource; Weekly Grammar homework is posted here
  • MyAccess - 10th Grade Resource; Students will practice writing SOL prompts here
  • Commonlit - Additional reading assignments for all grades, assigned as needed
  • Newsela - Additional reading assignments for all grades, assigned as needed
  • My HRW (Online Textbooks) - This link is to access student textbooks.  Both grade levels will use this source.  Student login info is below:
  • Student logon: beginning of email address plus rcps, so dsmith1234rcps
  • Student PW: student ID plus rcps!, so 12345rcps!
  • Librivox & Project Gutenberg - These two sites are to access novels in written and audiobook format.