Student Tech Prep
For a successful testing day students should do the following things things once the arrive to the building.

1. Restart student computer

2. Quit Microsoft Teams 
1. Click on the "up arrow" in the bottom right corner of the screen
2. Right click on the Teams icon
3. Click Quit 
 Quit Teams

3. Turn Off Cloud Clipboard
1.Search for Cloud Clipboard  on student computer
2.Click Cloud Clipboard Syncing in search window
3.The settings will open. Toggle Clipboard History to Off
Cloud Clipboard 

4. Open TestNav 

1.TestNav App should be on student desktop
2.If not, search for TestNav
      •Click the TestNav app icon in the search menu
TestNav 1 


If the app does not appear in search, it will need to be downloaded from the Microsoft store

1.Click the Microsoft Store Icon
2.Search for and click on TestNav App
3.Click Launch