C. Galecki

Edit: All class documents will be posted on the biology classes moodle page.  Here are the steps to enroll:
1. Go to 
2. Go to students, click on eschool class moodle
3. Login with your student ID and number (the same you use to log onto computers)
4. Click on high schools
5. Click on William Fleming High School
6. Go to Science
7. Choose Biology - Delgado 
8. Use the enrollment key: delgado

You are now enrolled! From now on, every time you log in it will let you choose Biology-delgado from your courses.  From here, you can access any powerpoints that we have gone over in class.


Hello My Name Is...

Ms. Galecki

Ms. Galecki

I'll be teaching Biology and Anatomy & Physiology this year at William Fleming.  I grew up in Radford, VA and have a B.S. in Biology from Virginia Tech and a M.S. in Education, Curriculum, and Instruction from Radford University.

Room 1016 in Camper Hall