Unit 03: Cells
Date Classwork And Notes
 Oct. 14-15
Photosynthesis Guided Notes
Photosynthesis Presentation​
Cell Energy Lab
 Photosynthesis Review Sheet
 Oct. 12-13
Plant Vs. Animal Worksheet
Onion Cell Lab
Proky vs. Euky Gallery Walk
 First Quarter Make Up Work
 Oct. 08-09
 Fall Benchmark
Cell Active Reading
 Oct. 06-07
 Fall Benchmark Review
 Oct. 02 & 05
 Cell Transport Remediation
Cell Organelle Review Sheet
 Benchmark Study Guide
 Sept. 30- Oct. 01
Transport Quiz
Cell Organelles Notes 
Cell Organelle Powerpoint 
 Sept. 28-29
Active Transport Notes
Active/Passive Review
Transport Summary

 Sept. 24-25
Passive Transport Notes
Passive Transport PPT
Osmosis Practice
  Passive Transport Review
 Sept. 22-23
Intro to Cell Notes
Intro to Cell Powerpoint
Cheek Cell Lab
Cell Membrane Worksheet

Photosynthesis Notes

Organelle Notes

Active Transport Notes

Passive Transport Notes

Intro To Cells