Unit 06: Genetics
Unit 06: Genetics 

Date       What we did.... Homework  
A: Jan. 02
B: Jan. 03
Do Now: Second Semester Pre-Assessment 
Notes: DNA Technology 
Lab: Human Observable Traits 
DNA Fingerprint Practice
Due: Jan.6-11  
A: Jan. 06
B: Jan. 11
Do Now 01: Meiosis Review 
Notes: Introduction to Genetics
Practice: Genetics Vocabulary
Genetics Vocab Practice
Due: Jan. 12-13
A: Jan. 12
B: Jan.13
Do Now 02: Genetics Vocabulary Practice 
Notes: Monohybrid/Dihybrid Crosses 
Practice: Monohybrid 
Monohybrid Practice 
Due: Jan 17-18
Jan. 16  No School: Martin Luther King Day  
A: Jan. 17
B: Jan. 18
Do Now 03: Genetics Vocabulary Practice 
Notes: Incomplete & Co-dominance 
Practice: Monohybrid/Dihybrid Review
Incomplete & Co-Dominance

Due: 19-20
A: Jan. 19
B: Jan. 20
Do Now 04: Genetics Vocabulary Practice 
Notes: Sex-linked and multiple alleles
Practice: Mixed Genetics Practice 
Study Guide 
Due: Jan 23-24
A: Jan.23
B: Jan.24
Do Now 05: Genetics Vocabulary Practice
Review Study Guide 
Flaschard Review 
Quizzizz Review 
 Test Next Class 
A: Jan. 25
B: Jan. 26
Do Now: 06: Test Day Review 
Genetics Test 
After Test: Dichotomous Key Reading