Unit 07: Evolution
Unit 07 Evolution

Date What  We Did In Class... Homework
A: Jan. 27
B: Jan. 30
Do Now: Most-missed Questions Genetics
Notes: Biogenesis and Adaptation 
Adaptation Practice 
Due: Jan. 31-Feb.01
A: Jan. 31
B: Feb. 01
Do Now: Biogenesis Scientists 
Lab: Beaks of Finches Lab
Notes: Evolution 
Natural Selection
Due Feb. 02-03
A: Feb. 02
B: Feb. 03 
Do Now: Lamarck vs. Darwin 
Notes: Evidences of Evolution 
Stations Practice      Student Answer Sheet 
Evidences of Evolution
Due Feb. 06-07
A: Feb. 06
B: Feb. 07
Do Now: Evidence of Evolution 
Notes: Patterns of Evolution 
Video Birds of Paradise         Student Worksheet
 Patterns of Evolution
Due Feb. 08-09
A: Feb: 08
B: Feb. 09
Do Now: Speciation 
Evolution Test Review- Study Guide 
Study For Test 
A: Feb. 10
B: Feb. 11
Do Now: Test Review 
Evolution Test 
Intro To Classification 
Due Feb. 12-13