Unit 09: Ecology
Unit 09: Ecology

Ecology Guided Notes Booklet

What we Did in Class...
A:March 9
B:March 10
Do Now:Top five most missed questions
Smart Goal- Post Assessment 
Notes: Intro To Ecology 
Succession Worksheet
Introduction to Species Interaction
Due: March 13-14
A: March 13 
B: March 14
Do Now: Succession 
Notes: Species Interaction 
Symbiotic Relationships Stations
Symbiotic Relationship Practice
Due: March 15-16
A: March 15
B: March 16
Do Now: Species Interaction
Notes: Food Webs  
Food Webs
Due: March 20-21
A: March 20
B: March 21 
Do Now: Ecology Quiz 
Simulation Review Pages 1-3
Study For Simulation
A: March 22
B: March 23 
Do Now: Macro-molecule Review 
Simulation Review Pages 4-6
Study For Simulation 
A: March 24
B: March 27
Spring Simulation  Relax!
A: March 28 
B: March 29 
Do Now: Top Ten Most Missed Questions 
Notes: Populations 
Interpreting Population Graph Practice 
Populations Practice 
Due: March 30-31
A: March 30
B: March 31
Do Now: Evolution Review 
Notes: VA Ecosystems & Human Impacts 
Predator-Prey Graphing 
Ecology Review 
Due: April 3-4
A: April 3
B: April 4
Do Now: VA Ecosystems
Biome Poster Project 
Study Guide
Due: April 5-6 
A: April 5 
B: April 6 
Do Now: 
Review Study Guide 
Test Review Game 
Study For Test 
A: April 7 
B: April 10
 Ecology Test