1st Nine Weeks
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What we did


Aug 22/23

Safety Contract and Syllabus, Intro to Biology

Activity: Getting to know you.
Introduction to Biology
What is Matter?-Notecards made
- Books picked up


HW: Get Syllabus and safety contract signed

Aug 24/25


Scientific Investigations

Lab Station activity
Damprid Lab
Graph Damprid Data

Aug 26/29

Scientific Method

HW turned in
Steps of scientific method
DampRid lab
Independent/Dependent Practice

HW: Independent/Dependent

Aug 30/31

Analyzing Data

Finish Scientific Method Notes
Finish DampRid Lab

Graphing Reinforcement/

Sept 1/2

Sept 6/7

Review Day Review Work Test Review

Sept 8/9



Intro to Biochem Reading

Sept 12/13

Atoms Carbohydrates and Lipids

Carbohydrates and Lipid Notes, Mini-lab

Sept 14/15
Proteins and Nucleic Acids Proteins and Nucleic Acids
     Macromolecule review skip #8-12
Sept 14/15 Enzymes
and PHWater and Review
Water Notes Study Guide Unit 2 Test
Sept 16/17 Biochem test Review Review    Study Guide Unit 2 Test
Biochemistry Test    HW: Intro to Cells Reading
Sept 22/23 Intro to Cells Cheek Cell lab
Cell membrane and Cell size notes  
Sept 24/25    Passive Transport Passive Transport Notes     
Lab: Osmosis
Osmosis and Diffusion Worksheet
Sept 28/29 Active Transport Active Transport Notes
 Sept 30/ Oct 1  Prokaryotic Eukaryotic Cells  Cell Notes  
Oct 2/5 Organelles  Cell Notes  
Oct 6/7 Benchmark Review  Review for Exam  
Oct 8/9  Benchmark Cell Game  
Oct 16 Photosynthesis Introduction to Photosynthesis