2nd Nine weeks
 Date Material Covered HW  
 11/12-13  Intro to DNA  DNA and base-pairing HW  
 11/16-17 DNA Replication 
Paperclip replication activity
 DNA Replication and RNA/DNA  
 11/18-19  RNA Notes
Central Dogma cut and paste activity
RNA and Transcription Practice
 11/20-23 Protein Synthesis Notes
Protein Synthesis Practice

 11/24-25 DNA technology Notes
Cloning activity

 11/30-12/1  Review DNA/Protein Synthesis    
 12/2-3  Test DNA Protein Synthesis    
12/4-7 Review Day 1 Review PPT
Gummi Bear Osmosis Lab
Pages 1-2 Review Packet   
12/8-9 Review Day 2 Review PPT
Macromolecule Activity
Pages 3-4 Review Packet  
12/10-12/11 Review Day 3 Review PPT
Mitosis and DNA/Protein Synthesis Review
Pages 5-6 Review Packet
Any missing work
 12/1415 Semester Final          
12/16-17 Eugenics and Bioethics
What will the future look like with our increased knowledge of Biology