3rd Nine Weeks
 Date Subject Activities HW
 1.5-6  Intro to Genetics  Intro to Genetics Powerpoint
 Notes Sheet
Genetics Vocab and Ratios Practice 
Observable Human Traits Activity
 1.7-8  Punnett Squares and Mendelian Genetics  Notes Mendelian Genetics
In class practice
Monohybrid/Dihybrid Cross Worksheet
 1.11-12  Monohybrid Crosses  Monohybrid Cross practice

Sickle -Cell Anemia lab
 SpongeBob Genetics Practice
1.13-14  Incomplete/Co-dominance Incomplete dominance/Codominance Notes

 Incomplete/Co-dominance practice
1.15-19  Sex-linked Traits Pedigrees  Quiz - Genetics
Notes Sex-linked/Incomplete Dominance
 Finish Sex-linked/pedigree worksheets
1.20-21 Prepare for Unit Test Test taking skills
Review Sheet
1.27-28 Unit Test   After the test Evolution Reading
1.29-2.1 History of the Earth
Notes- History of the Earth, Early Experiments, and Adaptations  Adaptation/Acclimation Sheet
2.2-2.3 Darwin and Natural Selection  Darwin, Lamark and Natural Selection

Beak Lab 
 Natural Selection
 2.4-5 Evidence of Evolution     Evidence of Evolution Notes
Station Activity - Evidence of Evolution
   Evidence of Evolution HW
 2.8-9  Speciation Speciation Notes
Speciation of Birds (video)
Speciation and natural selection (video)  
Speciation practice
2.10-11  Review       
2.12-16 Test       
2.17-18 Introduction to Classification  Introduction to Classification   Dichotomous Keys and Kingdoms  
2.19-22 Cladograms and Phylogeny  Phylogeny Notes     Cladogram Practice
2.23-24 Bacteria and Intro to Kingdoms  Kingdom Introduction   Kingdom Practice
2.25-26 Protists and Fungi    Protists and Fungi Overview     Protist and Fungi Practice
3.1-3.2 Plants  Plant Notes
Monocot/Dicot Video