4th Nine Weeks
 Date Subject Content Homework
3.15-16 Simulation Review/ Animals Reviewed Simulation Packet
Animal Notes and Characteristics
Study for Simulation
3.16-18      Spring Simulation      None?!   
3.21-22  Introduction to Ecology      Intro to Ecology/Succession Notes    Succession Worksheet if not finished in class
3.23-24   Interactions/Symbiosis   Species Interaction Notes  Finish Spring Break Packet
3.25-4.4  Food Webs/Pyramids
 Energy Flow in Ecosystems
 Finish Spring Break Packet/Missing work
 4.5-6 Populations and Human Interactions   Populations and Human Interactions Notes  
4.7-8 Review  Human Interactions Ecology Review packet
4.11-12  Ecology Test Ecology Test IV/DV practice
4.13-14 Scientific Investigation Review Review Notes  Day 1 HW
4.15-18 Biochemistry Review  See above Day 2 HW