4th Nine Weeks
Date  Content Resources Homework
3.15 Selection and Speciation  Speciation

Natural and Sexual Selection
 Finish Selection assignment
 3.17 Population Genetics
Mass Extinctions  
 Population Genetics Simulation Read and outline Chapter 25, Complete Concept Checks
3.21 Test Essay
Practice Problems
Allopatric Speciation
Evolution Test Review Complete 20 Questions of test review
3.23 Evolution Test  Evolution Test Turn in Evolution Test Essay
3.25 Fossil Record, Evolution and the origin on life   Chapter 26 - Read and do vocabulary
 4.5 Test corrections Microevolution
   Test Corrections Microevolution
 4.7 Animal Behavior Isopod Lab
 Animal Behavior and Natural Selection
 None- Mock Exam this weekend
 4.11 Cladistics Review Hardy Weinburg Equation
   Finish Isopod lab
4.13  Animal Behavior Lecture
Animal Behavior Lab Part II

 Test Corrections Macroevolution
4.15 Nerves and Action Potentials
Neuron Video
Nerves Worksheet 

Bring evidence of Biology Book, Bring paperback book
4.19 Nervous System Nervous System Quiz  
4.21 Review    Chapter 52 Read and Vocab
4.25 Review and Nervous System       Complete 10 practice questions in white book
4.27     Review and Ecology     Complete 15 practice questions in white book  
4.29 Review and Ecology     Write an essay (at least 2-3 paragraphs) describing the structure of a protein. Mention how they are formed and what primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary structure are. Relate the structure of a protein to its function and link that to your knowledge of enzymes. Be specific as to factors that can denature an enzyme and how they are denatured by being in that environment.
5.3 Review and Ecology
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Please click here to access Moodle. The enrollment key is my last name - See more at:
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