Government 2019-20

New Information 4/8 (Work for the remainder of the year): 

I hope you are all doing well and are finding a way to enjoy your Spring Break. As this year is anything but ordinary, I'm sure this "break" isn't either, so why not use it to send you work! I know that many of you have tried to the PLATO work, and many of you have also been frustrated. We are moving our class over to Moodle now. The link is: Select Va US Government Share Class; the enrollment key is ingle (all lowercase)  Do not use Ingle Government Moodle class!!!!


The first question you probably have at this time is “Do I have to do this work?”  Well, the short answer for most of you is this: No, if you are 1) a senior and 2) passing through the third nine weeks (how do I know this? Go to Synergy and look at the number grade- if everything is over 60 then you are good- otherwise, shoot your guidance counselor an email).  Unfortunately, this means that you have to complete the remainder of the year if you are failing or you are not a senior. 


Now, it is still your Spring Break, so the pacing of the class will not begin until next week. If you work on it this week, you will be considered ahead of the game. I hope this e-mail isn't too long, but I want to make sure I explain some details at the start:


1 - Lessons will go up every two weeks for a total of three units, which are the Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch and Civil Liberties/Civil Rights Each unit will have a varying number of core lesson made up of a video notes session presented by one of the Government teachers (mine is my own special brand of special} and check for understanding questions as a quiz. You have to complete watching the video in order to continue to new work.


2 - You can take the quizzes as many times as you need and your highest grade will count. Some lessons will have additional activities, so make sure to complete all activities before moving on to the next lesson.  The first Unit will be available on Monday, April 13.  The full schedule is listed at the end of this e-mail. You are expected to complete each lesson during the week it is made available in order to stay on track.


3 - For anyone that needs extra help, things clarified, or unsure of new vocabulary or content Ms. Kirkbride and I will be available in Zoom- we will send a a schedule of these times at the beginning of each week, but there should be at least two times per week when we are available.  The zoom links and times will be listed at the top of the Moodle Page.  Please also feel free to shoot me an email at


4 - If you fall behind, or don't start the first lesson on time, expect a phone call from me (note: my phone has a 540 area code). Though I know some of you would love to say you got a call from Mr. Ingle, please don't slack off just for that opportunity.


Schedule for Lessons:


Unit 1: Executive Branch (Monday 4/13)

Unit 2: Legislative Branch (Monday 4/27)

Unit 3: Civil Liberties/Civil Rights (Monday 5/11)



Mr. Ingle


Instructions for the time out.

1) If you are doing online, please log into Edmentum/Plato following these directions:

Courseware (Plato) Login Instructions

  • Go to
  • Next enter rcps in the first line on the page.
  • Enter your User Name (This is the same as your computer user name).
  • Enter your password.  Your password is your student ID.
  • Click the green button “Log in to your Edmentum Account” to begin.

You will need to choose your class and then the assignments you wish to complete.

Should you have any problems with the login or finding lessons, please contact your school.

Look for the Government section and do the assigned work.  The list of assigned documents is on the Useful Links page in the Instructions for Plato page.

2) If you are doing the paper pencil, please pick up the package at school.  It is iCivics.  Use the readings to complete the work.

I will be posting games to play later next week.