How to access online work!

Directions for World History I Online Work
April 5-11

 Hello Colonels!!

As we transition to working online for the rest of the school year, we want to make sure we answer all the important questions you have so that you can be successful the rest of the school year!

1.     Where can I find my Weekly lessons and work to complete?
Every week you will have a new lesson, quiz and assignments available on the World History 1 Share Class Moodle Page.

2.     When does this start?
Your first week of assignments through Moodle will start April 5-11.
*They are already up if you want to get a head start!

3.     How do I get to the World History 1 Share class on Moodle?
Go to,
-Click Students
-Click Moodlerooms Online Course Management
-Login like you do your school laptop
-Scroll down to the Search Courses box and type “World History 1 Share Class” and click Go.
-Click on the course and your weekly assignments will appear under each weeks dates.

4.     When will lessons assignments be posted and how long do I have to complete them?
Every Sunday the new weeks lessons will be posted and they will be do at 11:59pm the following Saturday.

5.     How will I learn new information and review?
Each week’s lesson will include one of the World History I teachers actually going over the material with you! After you complete each lesson you will take a quiz to make sure you understand the material and complete assignments that go with the lesson.

6.     What if I get a bad grade on a quiz?
You can take the quizzes and test as many times as you needed to get at least a 70% or higher.

7.     What do I do if I need help?
Email your world History I teacher and they will be able to help via email, phone call, or group video lessons through Moodle depending on the situation.

8.     How will I keep up with my grade?
Moodle has an online grade book you can access, and your teacher will be calling and emailing if you are missing assignments or not completing assignments.

We hope this clears up any questions you have about the weeks to come. Each week we will email out a reminder about what’s due for the week and give you any updates we have!

The World History I team
Mrs. Johnson

**Email me at if you have any questions!