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As we continue preparing for the AP exam through online learning, you will find weekly assignments here. Please email me with any questions. Keep up with readings and submit weekly assignments by 11:59 pm on Sundays.

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AP World History Plan for Monday May 11th – Wednesday May 20th, 2020     

Announcements:  If you are taking the AP exam, make sure you have completed the Exam Demo. If you have not completed this demo and checked your technology, you may not be able to take the exam on May 21st.

Read the assignments for the next TEN days CAREFULLY. Your assignments will depend on if you are taking the exam.

“If you are taking the AP Exam” assignments:

  1. Quiz Completion Grade: Watch the LAST AP Live Review Session and take notes. Email a picture of these notes. Here is the link for the final overall review session (1 hour):
  2. Test Grade: Using the DBQ rubric for this year, write the Unit 4 DBQ (The Portuguese in the Indian Ocean) found on the College Board website under the Optional Student Practice tab to the right. Make sure you do the correct Unit 4 DBQ about The Portuguese in the Indian Ocean!
    1. Review the rubric (see 2020 DBQ Rubric below). You only have to use 4-5 documents. Only write four paragraphs. (See format suggestions below.)
    2. Time yourself. Begin the timer when you start to read the documents. On the essay, you get 45 minutes to read, plan and write so do your best. See where you are after 45 minutes and make a note in the essay at that point, then keep writing. Submit by Sunday May 17th or before.
    3. There are some Heimler’s History videos I have included below if you want to watch before you write.
  3. Study using AP Live Videos, understand the rubric, organize your notes, and ask questions! AP Live has two practice DBQs that they reviewed in detail. These could be great options for exam preparation. They are called “Review of Timed AP Exam Practice #1 and #2”.


    Extra Credit Options:

    1. Personal Progress Check #6
    2. Additional AP Live Video Notes
    3. 20th Century Project (see attachment)

“If you are NOT taking the AP Exam” assignments:

  1. Quiz Completion Grade: Personal Progress Check #6 on the College Board website due by Wednesday May 20th
  2. Test Grade: 20th Century Project (see the attached assignment) due by Wednesday May 20th
  3. Extra Credit Options:
    1. Additional AP Live Video Notes from Units 7, 8, or 9
    2. Unit 4 DBQ Essay (see below)

Make sure all work is complete and turned in by Friday May 22nd!!!

Thank you for doing your best.

AP World History: Modern 2020 Exam Information


Quick info

  • May 21st, 2:00 pm
  • 50 minutes total: 45 minutes to read and write, 5 minutes to upload and submit
  • There will be a countdown timer; make sure you can see the timer!
  • AP has made it clear that you will not have to completely finish to receive a qualifying score of 3, 4, or 5. Use the 45 minutes as effectively as you can.
  • DBQ will have five documents and you could earn up to ten possible points (see attached rubric).
  • You will receive an email Monday May 4th about the Exam Demo and your AP ID number; you will need this eight digit AP ID for exam day.
  • Complete the AP Exam Day Checklist in advance of exam day (attached, on teacher page, copies at school).
  • Complete the Exam Demo available May 4, 2020. This will check your device and you can view how to submit answers. If you can’t complete the Demo then you will not be able to take the exam without troubleshooting.
  • You will receive an E-Ticket two days before the exam by email; it will also be available on your My AP account.
    • You will activate this e-ticket 30 minutes before your exam; don’t share this information or you will lose your chance to test.
    • Save this E-ticket in case you need to request a makeup test.
    • If you can’t test in May, don’t use your e-ticket and you will receive a June e-ticket; or you can request a June e-ticket due to an interruption during May testing (you must request a makeup within 48 hours of the test; you must be approved by College Board).
    • Failure to submit your answers on time will not be a reason for a makeup test.



Three options for submitting work on exam day

  1. Type your answers and then Copy and Paste. Type your AP ID and initials at the top of each page. You can’t type directly into the exam browser so have two windows open side by side1) to see the prompt and timer 2) to type in Word, Google Docs, Notes, etc. Then Copy and Paste into the exam browser. This option is for a laptop or desktop computer.
  2. Attach a document. Type your AP ID and initials at the top of each page. You can’t type directly into the exam browser so have two windows open side by side 1) to see the prompt and timer 2) to type in Word, Google Docs, Notes, etc. Then Attach the document. This option is for a laptop or desktop computer.
  3. Attach a photo. Write your AP ID, initials, and page number at the top of each page. Write your essay on white (lined or unlined) paper. You can attach no more than 5 pages and they must be vertical. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make sure you attach all of your pages before you submit. This option is for a phone.






Five Steps to Complete Before Exam Day

  1. Review contact info- make sure you are getting emails from College Board; all e-tickets will be emailed AND in My AP account.
  2. Check your Tech- NO lock-down browser will be used; remove “Grammarly” plug-in if you have it; laptops or desktops computers are recommended; decide ahead of time which document program you are going to type in; turn on auto-save before exam day; prepare your document by typing your AP ID and initials in advance. If hand-writing your essay, use 8 ½ x 11 white lined or unlined paper, vertical, no more than five pages, at the top of each page write AP ID, initials, and page number (can prepare in advance).
  3. Complete the Exam Demo- Use and test your tech; practice submitting; this is available May 4th. If you can’t access this demo, you won’t be able to test without troubleshooting.
  4. What you need on exam day- required: e-ticket, checklist with AP ID, device, browser, internet access; permitted: notes, study guides, books, classroom resources, previous assignments or assessments; notes should be downloaded and not through cloud or shared; internet searches will waste your time and put you at possible risk of messing up during the exam.
  5. Exam Confirmation and E-ticket- Make sure you receive an email about your exam confirmation and AP ID number. You need your eight-digit AP ID! You will receive your E-ticket two days before your exam; it will also be available on MY AP account.



Extra info

  • Internet Browser: do NOT use Internet Explorer; Chrome is preferred but you can also use Firefox, Safari, or Edge
  • Create a testing environment
    • Find a quiet room
    • Tell people when you are testing and ask them not to disturb you during that time
    • Ask others not to be online or stream during this time
    • Put your phone on Do Not Disturb
  • Do:
    • Do keep your timer visible
    • You can reopen the test if you accidentally close using the e-ticket
  • Do NOT:
    • Do not refresh your browser
    • Do not hit the back arrow
    • When submitting, do not close your browser, turn off the computer, etc. until you receive a confirmation; wait for the confirmation



Scores will be available on July 15th. You can request to send report to colleges for free by June 20th. After June 20th, the price will be $15.


Resources are below:

Here is the link for tips on the open notes exam:

Here is the website for the AP World History: Modern 2020 Exam information:

Exam Day VIDEOS!!!

Watch these videos as College Board explains the 2020 Testing Guide.


AP Exam Demo (available May 4): 

AP students should use the clickable exam demo to practice the different ways to submit their exam responses. The demo will help students confirm that their testing device will be able to access and run the online exam. If they can’t access the demo, the final slide of the Testing Guide can help them troubleshoot. The sample content in the demo will be the same for all users and isn't a practice exam. We’ll send educators and students an email to remind them when the demo is available. Please take this important preparation step!


Online AP Classes and Review Sessions prep week: 

The week before exams, online AP classes will focus on the exam day experience and sample exam questions!!!