World History II: online access and work

Welcome World History II students in A1, A3, and B2:

World History II Online Work for the Remaining Fourth Nine Weeks
We will use Moodle for the rest of the year to learn, complete assignments, and take assessments.

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(If you are unable to work online and need a paper packet, the school will be open for packet pick-up starting April 20th on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:00 am-1:00 pm.) 

Moodle assignments and assessments will be required for the remaining fourth nine weeks. The fourth nine weeks will average with your third nine weeks to calculate your second semester grade. Each unit has PowerPoint Notes, assignments to turn in, and quiz assessments. Please contact me if you need any help or have any questions. I miss you guys and hope you are staying healthy and happy!

Directions for logging in to Moodle:

1. Go to

2. Click on Students

3. Click on Moodlerooms Online Course Management System

4. Click on High Schools

5. Click on William Fleming High

6. Click on Social Studies

7. Click on Lee- World History II

8. Log on using your username and password

9. The enrollment key is lee

See the schedule below for my suggestions on when to complete these assignments. You can follow the schedule or move ahead if you wish, but do not fall behind. There are a couple of extra credit assignments but if you have any suggestions or you have been learning anything related to world history and you wish to share for extra credit, let me know! Most of the PowerPoints have been narrated to give you extra information.

I will send a message to your school email each week with updates and just to check in.

Weekly work is due each Sunday by 11:59 pm. Project grades equal test grades. Email me if you have any problems with meeting a deadline.

· April 14-19: WHII.11 Interwar Period (This unit includes a “chart” project grade.)

· April 20-26: WHII.12 World War II Week 1 (World War II is the largest unit so it will take two weeks. This unit includes a “letter” project grade.)

· April 27-May 3: WHII.12 World War II Week 2 (World War II is the largest unit so it will take two weeks. This unit includes a “letter” project grade.)

· May 4-May 10: WHII.13 Cold War (This unit includes an “event” project grade.)

· May 11-17: WHII.14 Independence Movements in Africa and Asia

· May 18-22: WHII.16 Contemporary Issues


The last day to turn in MOODLE work is Friday May 22nd.