Student Resources

A listing of online resources to assist students with homework and other school assignments.


Chemistry Help - Basic chemistry help is available here for high school or college students  

Chemistry Help - An interactive site designed for first year chemistry high school students.

Earth Science

Discovery school - links to earth and geology sites. -

Selected Earth Sciences websites -


General High School Literature Sites -


Dr. Math - Math Help -

Math Help plus much more - This site is dedicated to providing revolutionary ways for students, parents, teachers, and everyone to learn math.


Physics Help - Basic help for physics problems. -

Social Studies

Social Studies Help -

Social Studies - Homework help.,1156,22-3450,00.html

Social Studies U.S. History Homework help -

HomeWork Help and Resource Sites

About Homework help - links to Arts, Sciences, Maths, History, English, Literature and Languages.

B. J.'s Homeworker helper - Includes these subjects Art, Computer Science and Internet, Current Events, English,Foreign Languages, Health and P.E., History, Math, Music, Reference, Science, Searches, Social Studies.

Educational Services - This site provides a broad spectrum of educational Internet services to teachers, students, parents, librarians and school administrators in the K-12 educational and public library markets.

High School Homework portal - A portal providing links to numerous sites providing help on a variety of high school subjects.

High School Information - A noncommercial portal to excellent free online academic resources for high school students. It features interactive learning activities, an ongoing teen poetry contest, a reference collection, college information, and subject guides for English, mathematics, social studies, science, world languages, arts, health, and technology.

High School students we can provide answers to your questions through e-mail. This site is for students only.

Homework Center

Homework help and much more. This is fee for service site.

Homework help page - Online Reference & Learning Sites

Homework helper - ref desk - help with English, Math, Science and Social Studies.

Homework tips -

Homework and Study Tips - Dictionaries, clip art, Memory Techniques and Tips, Reference Materials Art,Drama and Music plus much more.

Homework help web sites

Homework Portal - This site links to the the best sites in their categories including: Mathematics, Science, Health and Medicine, The Arts and Social Studies.

School Bell Homework help -

Student Resources - A collection of interesting, understandable, and informative resource sites throughout the World Wide Web. This site is designed for High School students who are trying to use the web to do research for school projects. Most of the links that are listed lead to an actual source of information rather than just another directory.