About Bettye Bell

About Me....
I have been in education for a number of years and can't imagine not teaching!

 I was born and raised in the coalfields of McDowell County, West Virginia.  My daddy was a coal miner, and my momma was a stay-at-home mom.  In those days, moms did not work outside the home. Besides, there wasn't much time--I had seven sisters, and we all became school teachers or nurses, not many educational choices for Afro-American females 'back then.'  I am thankful to my parents for instilling in us the importance of education.

 I married a coal miner and have a daughter, Natalie; I have three grandchildren- Isabella, Marley, and Olivia.  I like to read and make quilts for family. I enjoy an evening at the movies, but COVID  stopped that. I don't cook often, so I frequent Golden Coral and Red Palace.  Usually, I am at home before the street lights come on.