Athletic Hall of Fame

William Fleming
Athletic Hall of Fame (HOF)

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Athletic Hall of Fame Committee

Chairperson: Troy McGeorge – Class of 1986

Athletic Director:  Jamie Bednarek

Principal or another administrator: Archie Freeman (new member for 2022)

Athletic Booster Club President/member: Dorothy Lavender

Current Head Coach WFHS: new member for 2022

At large member: Sherman Stovall – Class of 1977

At large member: Jan Bruce – Class of 1963

At large member: Sherman Lea Jr. – Class of 1998

At large member: Aaron “Ermie” Webb – Class of 1985


2010 – Lynn Agee (Student Athlete – Coach), Ben Barnett Jr. (Student Athlete), Charlene Curtis (Student Athlete), Robert “Bobby” Crenshaw (Student Athlete)

R. Donald Divers (Student Athlete), George C. Miller (Student Athlete – Coach), John St. Clair (Student Athlete), Robert Wingfield (Student Athlete), Lee Suggs Jr. (Student – Athlete), Fred Smith (Coach)

2011 – Sherley E. Stuart (Coach), Kenneth French (Coach & AD), Corbin Bailey (Student Athlete), Robert “Bob” Lenoir Jr. (Student Athlete – Coach), Don Woods (Student Athlete), Monica Cabbler (Student Athlete) 

2012 – Melvin Garrett (Student Athlete), Joe Bush (Student Athlete), Tony Easley (Student Athlete), Robert “Bob” Bowman (Student Athlete)

2013 – Robert Franklin (Student Athlete), Darryl McCoy (Student Athlete), Michael Dowe (Student Athlete), Betty Minton (Coach & Contributor)

2014 – Robert Majors (Student Athlete), Charles Robinson (Student Athlete), Burrall Paye (Coach)

2015 – David Hardie (Student Athlete), Bob Sandy (Coach)

2016 – Robert “Bob” Aveson (Student Athlete), Cornell Walker (Student Athlete), Jeff Reynolds (Student Athlete)

2017 – Al McClearn (Student Athlete), Don Lee (Coach), Millard Bolden (Student Athlete), Ernest Brown (Student Athlete), Keith Smith (Coach)

2018 – Damon & Ramon Williams (Student Athlete), Roland Lovelace (Coach)

2019 – Steve Robinson (Student Athlete), Jimmy D. Roberson (Student Athlete), Ed Thompson (Contributor)

2020 – No Class

2021 - Class - 

2022 - TBA