Hello My Name Is...

Mr. Cotter

Mr. Cotter working with a student

I train future leaders in engineering through hands-on projects related to design, mechanical, software, electrical. and civil engineering. My students use industry standard tools and software to solve real-world problems while developing their project and team management skills. All levels of Engineering may be taken for dual enrollment credit at Virginia Western Community College.

My Schedule

Time A Days B Days 
 8:38 - 10:18 A1: Engineering 1 B1: Engineering 1
 10:23 - 12:39 A2: Engineering 3 B2: PLATO
 12:44 - 2:24 A3: Engineering 2 B3: Engineering 1
 2:29 - 3:30 Bridge: Planning

Please contact me at [email protected] or at 540-853-2781.