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I teach Commercial Photography 1 at William Fleming High School.
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COVID-19 ASSIGNMENTS - Commercial Photography

Updated May 10, 2020
Final assignments are up and ready!  Please make sure that all of your work is turned in to Moodle by May 15.  If you have a paper packet for ANY class, make sure those are completed and returned to the school by May 15 also!  Your name MUST be on your packets to receive credit!
Please contact your teachers via email or call the school to leave them a message if you have any questions or issues, do not wait until the last minute.
This has been a long and strange grading period, I miss my students so much and wish you well as you finish up your assignments and get ready for summer. Do your best to stay healthy and safe and keep your teachers posted on your progress. ALSO keep checking the RCPS website, information is being posted all the time to assist you in your learning. Interesting links will keep you connected as we continue in this new educational experience.  To those of you who worked ahead and finished all the course work, congratulations!  I am so proud of you!

April 28, 2020

Hello students!  Hope you are doing well!  New assignments are posted, keep up the terrific work!
Please email me if you have any questions or issues, and hang in there!  Don't forget to choose a photographer for your research assignment.  Follow the example, and read directions carefully.  
If you are having any issues, please email me or call the school to let me know.

April 14, 2020
New assignments are available in Moodle!  Vocabulary should be a review.  We will continue with career exploration in Commercial Photography.  Start thinking about the companies we researched in the first semester, where we talked about their marketing strategies, mission statements, and what they did with their profits.  Even though we are experiencing a hiccup in the economy, do not get discouraged about your future career in Commercial Photography!  You are your best advertising agency!
Read the directions for assignments in Moodle first,
and email me with any questions you have.
If you are having difficulty logging in to Moodle, please let me know right away.

As of this week, Virginia schools are closed for the remainder of the school year.  We still have more students getting online to access their assignments.  If you or someone you know needs Internet service, please contact us - we have some interesting info!  
New assignments were posted today.  Read articles carefully and submit all work in Moodle.  I am still waiting to hear from several students about whether or not they have access to a digital camera, but most of us have a camera built in to our laptops, so don't hesitate to try it out for your assignments.
If you have need a PASS laptop or have technology questions or issues, come to the regular bus stops or to the auditorium at William Fleming High School from 12-1 pm.
We have several competencies to finish, and new assignments will be ready after our normally-scheduled spring break.  Stay well and keep in touch!

All photography students will find assignments at the bottom of their Moodle pages.
Read articles, upload photos, finish writing responses, and follow the link to take a quiz!
New assignments will be added - check your Moodle account frequently!
At this point, we are expected to be out of school for two weeks.  All assignments will be due when we return to school.  Take lots of photos and store them in the assignment windows at the top of your Moodle page
and let me know if you need more.
Add your photos to a PowerPoint document, or other software you wish to use.
Make sure you add it to Moodle, or share it with me.
If you cannot upload your photos, email me and give me an update on your progress for camera work.
Each page you make should be a layout of 12 or more photos from one camera assignment.
Email me with any questions or concerns, and I hope to see everyone back at school soon.