2020-2021 Online dance Syllabus
Liza Deck

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Welcome to dance!

                In this class we will study modern, ballet, jazz and tap dance.  Although we will touch on dance history, dance culture and current events with written work, we will dance each and every day.  We will try to have an online dance performance this school year and some lucky students will be able to participate.  We do have written exams in dance.  If you like to choreograph, please see me so we can get some of your creations in the performance!


Dance Class Rules/Dance Etiquette

-Follow along and participate the entire class period.  Pay attention and never get caught slouching or looking bored.

-Wear dance clothes every day.  Dance clothes can include leggings, tank tops, leotards, unitards, sweat pants and shirts.  Shorts are not a good idea and please do not show up in your PJs.  Make sure you are dressed in such a way that you are comfortable and please let me know if you need help with dance clothes.

-Go jewelry free as big pieces of jewelry are potentially dangerous.

-Bare feet are best, but ballet shoes and/or socks may work better for you depending on your dance surface.

-Follow directions the first time they are given.

-Absolutely no cell phones will be tolerated during class.

-Be on time and stay for the entire class and never leave and return.

-Try your best.

-Be courteous and respectful.

-At the end of class, applaud and thank your teacher.


Dance Class Procedures

-Student must log onto Canvas, participate in live class and complete the work assignments to be counted present for the class period.

-Senior Cords-You must have had two years in an advanced dance class with a grade of at least a “B” in dance class and a “1” in citizenship.

-Dance Performances-You must be able to perform the dance well, have at least a “B” in dance class and a “1” in citizenship to audition.  

-Please review your student handbook and follow all of the procedures.



The grade you receive on Canvas is NOT accurate.  Please see Synergy for an accurate grade.

Participation is 60 % of your grade.  You are expected turn in two (2) separate video responses to the video of my technique class showing your participation twice a week.  You may edit your videos to make them shorter.

 Tests and Performances are 30% of your grade.

Journal Entries, Quizzes and other assignments are 10% of your grade.  You will be given topics about which to write, but you may also choose your own topics.  You are required to have 1 entry a week.

A= 90 to 100 Excellent  

B =80 to 89 Above Average  

C =-0 to 79 Average  

D =60 to 69 Below Average  

F =0 to 59 Failure  







Unit 1=First Nine Weeks=August 31-October 30 (44 Days) MODERN DANCE

Unit 2=Second Nine Weeks=November 2-January 22 (45 Days) BALLET DANCE

Unit 3=Third Nine Weeks=January 25-March 26 (44 Days) JAZZ DANCE

Unit 4=Fourth Nine Weeks=March 29-June 10 (47 Days) TAP DANCE/VARIATIONS