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Lindsay Zampach

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Welcome to the William Fleming High School Theatre Department, better known as the William Fleming Colonel Theatre Company! I am your director, Lindsay Zampach!  

Contact info:
Phone Number: (540) 853-6241

Here is what to look forward to this upcoming season.


Written by the Advanced Theatre Students of William Fleming High School and Director Ms. Zampach. This original work of art is based off of true stories inside the classrooms from teachers and students alike. Scenarios in the show revolve around bullying and inequalities related to race and gender. They also give a microscopic view into the true emotions that students and teachers experience that are left unspoken. This unique play will surely bring forth a variety of emotions and most certainly will start the conversation of change inside the classroom.
This event will be VIRTUAL!
Friday, November 20th at 7:00PM
No Sunday showing for this fall play season.
Below is the link to the VIRTUAL show!