Objectives for the Weeks of April 14- 24:

Lesson 2:  Marc Chagall- painter of stories.  An exploration of using memories in artwork.


Step 1. Students will read the scholastic art article Painter of stories


Step 2. Students will complete a reading review based on the article.


Step 3: Students will use what they learned about Marc Chagall to design a drawing/painting that communicates a narrative. Step by step instructions and examples link located on final project link.



AIII.7, AIII.11, AIII.17, AIII.24

Vocabulary: abstract, collage, narrative, pattern, realistic, texture 

Materials: Acrylic paint, watercolor, colored pencils, graphite pencil, pastels or oil pastels.  Paint is the preferred material but students are encouraged to use any materials that you have access to.