C. McDermott

C. McDermott

Montana mountains

I am excited to be an eleventh grade English teacher for the 2019-2020 school year at William Fleming!!
My email address is [email protected] and the Coulter Hall number is 853-2837
I encourage students and parents to contact me with questions and concerns any time.

While school is closed there are two course assignment websites I will be using to continue instruction:

  1. Read Theory-  Go to

    The log-in is the first 2 letters from your first name, entire last name and the number 1. 

    ****If there is a problem logging in try putting 12 at the end the end of your user name ***

    Example-   Casey McDermott = camcdermott1

                        Todd Mann= tomann1

    Password for everyone is:  Roanoke01 -   Capitalize the R

  2. The second resource we will be using for class is
  • Click on “For Schools” and use your normal computer login.
  • Click on “My Classes” and find ours