William Fleming High School Library Media Center


Ms. Deborah Anderson
Dr. David Baker
Mr. Danny Conner
Mr. Andrew Hartman
Mrs. Hanna Wolfe

Operating Hours

Monday - Friday
(Except School Holidays and Closures)
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
(Students need to check for extended hours)

Electronic Card Catalog

Roanoke City Public Schools (RCPS) utilizes the Follett Destiny card catalog
the electronic card catalog is
now available both within and outside the RCPS school division
The catalog is available at the following URL for student and faculty use:


Library Rules and Regulations

  • Passes - Students, not accompanied by a faculty/staff member must have a valid pass before school starts and during the regular school day.**
  • Lunch Passes - Students, not accompanied by a faculty/staff member, may use the library during their lunch.  However, they must have a valid pass from their 2nd block teacher or their 1st block teacher (if eating A lunch).**
  • Library Sign-in - Students, not with a class, must sign-in and leave their library pass at the circulation desk upon entering the library.
  • Computer Use - Students who use library computers are responsible for logging off before exiting the library.
  • Food & Drinks - No food or drinks are allowed in the library unless they are sealed in containers and stored away from the computers (including the computer lab).

**Student Library Passes MUST have the following to be valid:

  1. Student's name
  2. The current date
  3. The current time
  4. The current period circled
  5. The teacher's signature

Upon leaving the library, a library staff member will sign and put the time on the pass to return to the class and/or lunch.