February 2017 - New Materials List



New Non-Fiction - February, 2017
Publication Author's Call
Title Last Name First Name Number
Amazing Feats of Aerospace Engineering Smibert Angie 629/SMI
Amazing Feats of Biological Engineering Abramovitz Melissa 620/ABR
Amazing Feats of Electrical Engineering Swanson Jennifer 621/SWA
Amazing Feats of Environmental Engineering Hand Carol 628/HAN
Basketball: Girls Rocking It Mableton Barry 796.3230/MAB
Brown Angels: An Album of Pictures and Verse Myers Walter Dean 811.54/MYE
Careers in Construction: Architect Small Cathleen 7208/SMA
Careers in Construction: Carpenter Small Cathleen 694.023/SMA
Careers in Construction: Electrician Freedman Jeri 621.319/FRE
Careers in Construction: Engineer Lew Kristi 620.0023/LEW
Careers in Construction: General Contractor Schauer Peter 690.837/SCH
Careers in Construction: Plumber Freedman Jeri 696.1/FRE
Careers in Sheet Metal and Ironwork Orr Tamra 671.8/ORR
Careers in the US Air Force Phillips Melissa 358.400/PHI
Careers in the US Army Uschan Michael 355.0023/USC
Careers in the US Coast Guard Allman Toney 363.28/ALL
Careers in the US Marine Corps Mattern Joanne 359.9/MAT
Careers in the US Navy Mooney Carla 359.0023/MOO
Careers in the US Special Forces Abramovitz Melissa 356.160/ABR
Cold War, The Day, Ed. Meredith 909.82/DAY
Create Your Own Music Anniss Matt 780/ANN
Create Your Own TV Show Anniss Matt 791.45/ANN
Create Your Own Website or Blog Anniss Matt 004.67/ANN
Cutting Edge Medical Technology Allman Tooney 610.285/ALL
Cutting Edge Military Technology Sheen Barbara 623/SHE
Cutting Edge Transporation Technology Sheeb Barbara 629.04/SHE
E-Cigarettes and the Risks of Addicitve Nicotine and Toxic Chemicals Bass ELISSA 616.86/BAS
Fact or Phony? The Fact or Fiction Behind Urban Myths Mason Paul 001.9/MAS
Fantasy Football Buckley James 796.332/BUC
Football and Player Safety Barber Phil 796.332/BAR
Getting a Job in Education La Bella Laura 370.23/LAB
Getting a Job in the IT Industry Kamberg Mary-Lane 004.023/KAM
Inside High School Football: A Changing Traditon Walters John 796.332/WAL
ISIS Marsico Katie 956.054/MAR
Living in a Violent Household La Bella Laura 362.82/LAB
Lost Boy, The Pelzer Dave 362.76/PEL
Motorcycles. A Guide to the World's Best Bikes: BMW Ultimate Riding Experience Barrington Richard 629.227/BAR
Motorcycles. A Guide to the World's Best Bikes: Ducati High Performance Italian Racer Barrington Richard 629.227/BAR
Motorcycles. A Guide to the World's Best Bikes: Harley-Davidson An All American Legend Roza Greg 629.227/ROZ
Motorcycles. A Guide to the World's Best Bikes: Harley-Davidson An All American Legend Kamberg Mary-Lane 629.227/KAM
Motorcycles. A Guide to the World's Best Bikes: Suzuki Built for Speed Bailey Diane 629.227/BAI
Motorcycles. A Guide to the World's Best Bikes: Yamaha Sort Racing Legend Bailey Diane 629.227/BAI
Music Techniquess, Styles, Instruments, and Practice Kuhtz Russell 781/KUH
Muslims in America Zaidi Anbara 297.092/ZAI
Original Gangstas Westhoff Ben 782.421/WES
Photography Equipment, Techniquess, Styles, and Practice Hamilton, Ed. Trenton 771/HAM
Pros and Cons of Geothermal Power, The Britcher Angela 333.8/BRI
Pros and Cons of Hydropwer, The Bjorklund Ruth 333.91/BJO
Pros and Cons of Natural Gas and Fracking Bjorklund Ruth 333.8/BJO
Refugees (Critical World Issues Series) Miller Harry 362.87/MIL
Sexual Assult and Abuse Byers Ann 364.15/BYE
Sexual Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery Meyer Terry 306.3/MEY
Soccer: Girls Rocking It Faulkner Nicholas 796.334/FAU
Staying Mentally Healthy Rodi Robert 613/ROD
Superbowl: More Than a Game Ellenport Craig 796.332/ELL
Teen's Guide to Custody, A Callahan Timothy 306.89/CAL
Track and Field: Grils Rocking It Carroll Myrna 796.420/CAR
Understanding Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Rodi Robert 305.3/ROD
Volleyball: Grils Rocking It Miller Kat 796.325/MIL
What Makes Airplanes Fly? History, Science, and Applications of Aerodynamics Wegner Peter 629.132/WEG
New Fiction - February, 2017
Publication Author's Call
Title Last Name First Name Number
2 Days Tillit L.B. FIC/TIL
Another Brooklyn Woodson Jacqueline FIC/WOO
Bang! Flake Sharon FIC/FLA
Behind Enemy Lines (Infinity Ring Series, Book 6) Nielsen Jennifer FIC/NEI
Booked Alexander Kwame FIC/ALE
Bucking the Sarge Curtis Christopher FIC/CUR
Cave of Wonders (Infinity Ring Series, Book 5) Kirby Matthew FIC/KIR
Certain October, A Johnson Angela FIC/JOH
Chill Wind McDonald Janet FIC/McD
Curse of the Ancients (Infinity Ring Series, Book 4) De La Pena Matt FIC/DeL
Day of Tears Lester Julius FIC/LES
Divide and Conquer (Infinity Ring Series, Book 2) Ryan Carrie FIC/RYA
Eternity (Infinity Ring Series, Book 8) De La Pena Matt FIC/DeL
Fledgling Butler Octavia FIC/BUT
Gabi, a Girl in Pieces Quintero Isabel FIC/QUI
I'm Just Me Higgins M.G. FIC/HIG
Iron Empire, The (Infinity Ring Series, Book 7) Dashner James FIC/DAS
Kindred Butler Octavia FIC/BUT
Miracle Boys Woodson Jacqueline FIC/WOO
Mutiny in Time, A (Infinity Ring Series, Book 1) Dashner James FIC/DAS
Pinned Flake Sharon FIC/FLA
Pledge, The Taylor Chandra FIC/TAY
Prime Choice (Perry Skky Jr. Series) Moore Stephanie FIC/MOO
Problem Solved (Perry Skky Jr. Series) Moore Stephanie FIC/MOO
Promises to Keep (Bluford Series) Langan Paul FIC/LAN
Staying Pure (Payton Skky Series) Moore Stephanie FIC/MOO
Test, The (Bluford Series) Kern Peggy FIC/KER
Trap Door, The (Infinity Ring Series, Book 3) McMann Lisa FIC/McM
Unchained Tillit L.B. FIC/TIL
You Don't Even Know Me: Stories and Poems About Boys Flake Sharon FIC/FLA
New Audiovisuals - Feburary, 2017
Publication Video Video Call
Title Length* Rating Number
Bill Nye, the Science Guy: Fossils 26 min. G DVD/560/BIL
Bill Nye, the Science Guy: Wind 26 min. G DVD/551.51/BIL
DNA: Secret of Photo 51 56 min. NR DVD/572.8/DNA
Earth 90 min. G DVD/599/EAR
Einstein's Big Idea: Understanding the Equation that Changed the World 112 min. NR DVD/530/EIN
Gattaca 106 min. PG-13 (V,L,S) DVD/791.43/GAT
Human Planet: The Complete Series 400 min. NR DVD/302/HUM
Life 484 min. NR DVD/570.1/LIF
Life's Greatest Miracle 60 min. NR DVD/570/LIF
Natural Disasters 319 min. PG DVD/904/NAT
Nuremberg 186 min. PG-14 (V) DVD/341.6/NUR
Planet Earth: The Complete Series 550 min. NR DVD/550/PLA
Stanford Prison Experiment, The 122 min. R (L,D,S) DVD/791.43/STA
*Note: Number in parenthesis () indicates DVD extras.