January 2018 - New Materials List


New Fiction -January, 2018
Publication Author's Call
Title Last Name First Name Number
Alienated Landers Melissa FIC/LAN
All In Barnes Jennifer FIC/BAR
Amateurs, The Shepard Sara FIC/SHE
Amulet of Samarkand Stroud Jonathan FIC/STR
Before Tomorrowland Jensen Jeff FIC/JEN
Black Widow.  Forever Red Stohl Margaret FIC/STO
Blood of Olympus - Book 5 Riordan Rick FIC/RIO
Castle of Llyr, The Alexander Lloyd FIC/AKE
Creeping Shadows, The Stroud Jonathan FIC/STR
Cresswell Plot, The Wass Elizabeth FIC/WAS
Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy Carter Ally FIC/CAR
Dark Tide Donnelly Jennifer FIC/DON
Daughter of Dusk Blackburne Livia FIC/BLA
Deep Blue Donnelly Jennifer FIC/DON
Demigods & Magicians Riordan Rick FIC/RIO
Demon Glass Hawkins Rachel FIC/HAW
Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover Carter Ally FIC/CAR
Drake Equation, The King Bart FIC/KIN
Elite Lackey Mercedes FIC/MER
End, The Higson Charlie FIC/HIG
Enter Title Here Kanakia Rahul FIC/KAN
Forever Again Laurie Victoria FIC/LAU
Frozen Heart, A Rudnick Elizabeth FIC/RUD
Greek Heros Riordan Rick FIC/RIO
Holding Smoke Cosimano Elle FIC/COS
Hollow Boy, The Stroud Jonathan FIC/STR
Hotel Valhalla. Guide to the Norse World Riordan Rick FIC/RIO
House of Hades, The - Book 4 Riordan Rick FIC/RIO
I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You Carter Ally FIC/CAR
In Too Deep Voorhees Coert FIC/VOO
It's Kind of a Funny Story Vizzini NED FIC/VIZ
Killer In Me Harrison Margot FIC/HAR
Kingdom Keepers.  The Insider Pearson Ridley FIC/PEA
Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard - Book I Riordan Rick FIC/RIO
Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard - Book II Riordan Rick FIC/RIO
Momtaro. Xander and the Lost Island of Monsters Dilloway Margaret FIC/DIL
Nantucket Blue Howland Leila FIC/HOW
Noble Warrior Sitomer Lawrence FIC/SIT
Only the Good Spy Young Carter Ally FIC/CAR
Out of Sight, Out of Time Carter Ally FIC/CAR
Passenger Bracken Alexandra FIC/BRA
Return to the Isle of the Lost De La  Cruz Melissa FIC/DeL
Return, The Pearson Ridley FIC/PEA
Revival Weitz Chris FIC/WEI
Rose Under Fire Wein Elizabeth FIC/WEI
Sacrifice, The Higson Charlie FIC/HIG
Sea Spell Donnelly Jennifer FIC/DON
Shadow Guard Vaughn J. D. FIC/VAU
Shadow Magic Khan Joshua FIC/KHA
Shutter Stolarz Laurie FIC/STO
Sold McCormick Patricia FIC/McC
Sorcerer Heir, The Chima Cinda FIC/CHI
Star Wars.  Lost Stars Gray Claudia FIC/GRA
Starflight Landers Melissa FIC/LAN
Starry Nights Whitney Daisy FIC/WHI
Summer of Sloane Schneider Erin FIC/SCH
Summoning, The Monahan Hillary FIC/MON
Sweet Feet. Samantha Gordon's Winning Season Gordon Samantha FIC/GOR
Tales from the Haunted Mansion. Vol. 1 Esposito John FIC/ESP
Their Fractured Light Kaufman Amie FIC/KAU
These Broken Stars Kaufman Amie FIC/KAU
This Shattered World Kaufman Amie FIC/KAU
Time After Time Stone Tamara FIC/STO
Trials of Apollo, The - Book I Riordan Rick FIC/RIO
United We Spy Carter Ally FIC/CAR
Unleashed Monahan Hillary FIC/MON
Untamed Howard A. G. FIC/HOW
Walt Disney An American Original Thomas Bob FIC/THO
Waybound.  The Second Book of Ore Baity Cam FIC/BAI
Wayfarer Bracken Alexandra FIC/BRA
What Elephants Know Dinerstein Eric FIC/DIN
When Laurie Victoria FIC/LAU
Whole New World, A Braswell Liz FIC/BRA
Wizard Heir, The Chima Cinda FIC/CHI
Zero Day Gangsei Jan FIC/GAN
Zodiac Legacy, The Lee Stan FIC/LEE