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Mu Alpha Theta is the National High School and Two-Year College Mathematics Honor Society.  

Canvas Site for Members & Associates:  WF Club - Mu Alpha Theta

Member Requirements:

● Must have completed two high school level math courses (including Algebra 1 and/or Geometry).
● Must be currently enrolled in a third year of high school level mathematics.
● Must have at least a 3.0 GPA in Mathematics courses.
● Members must maintain a 3.0 GPA in their Mathematics courses.  If a member's Mathematics GPA falls below 3.0, the member has one semester to bring their GPA back up before membership will be revoked.

Associate Requirements:

● Must have completed Algebra 1 with an A or B average.
● Must be currently enrolled in a higher math course (Geometry or AFDA).
● Must plan to transition to full membership in Mu Alpha Theta upon completion of current math course.
● Associates are not full members of Mu Alpha Theta, but are eligible to participate in Mu Alpha Theta activities and contests. Associates may not hold office or vote.  A student may be an Associate for one year, and then should transition to full membership.

Membership Fees:

● As a Title I school, WFHS members receive a reduced membership rate of $5.
● The membership cost is one-time only, not per-year.
● Seniors may purchase honor cords or stoles at a separate cost.
● Scholarships are available for both membership fees and honor cords. See MAθ sponsor Mrs. Hastings for details.