Hello My Name Is...

Ms. Christine Bowen

Teaching English Learners from around the world begin their English language life in the United States.

Contact me: [email protected]

Being from Los Angeles, California afforded me the privilege to grow up around people from all over the world. Most of my friends had parents who were immigrants to the United States. When I went to college at the University of California, Santa Barbara I decided to study linguistics so I could pursue my love of foreign languages, French and German. After college I went to the Le Cordon Bleu culinary school where I studied professional cooking and baking. I worked in Las Vegas as a pastry chef, but felt the pull to serve my country. I decided to serve in the United States Air Force. I qualified to have the opportunity to attend the Defense Language Institute where I studied Modern Standard Arabic. After my service, I attended Sacramento State University to become an English teacher. I taught English Language Arts and English Language Development (ESL) for five years and achieved my master's degree before deciding to move to Roanoke. I am passionate about teaching English Language Learners as they arrive during high school in the United States. These students and their dreams of a different life are what keep me working as hard as I do to meet their needs.