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Mrs. Quintero


Hello there! 
My name is Kyrie Quintero and this is my first year teaching at William Fleming. I am a desert-dweller from Arizona, where I met my husband, and we both enjoy watching  films, playing Scrabble, and taking walks. 
Other days, you might find me baking sourdough bread, savoring a cup of coffee, or doing calligraphy. I graduated from Liberty University with a TESL degree and minors in French, Global Studies, and Linguistics. I am an EL support teacher for Biology, Environmental Science, and English.
Google Voice: (540) 324-9741
Room 1241 in Smith Hall
(540) 853-2781 


Mon/Wed     Tues/Thurs      Friday       
A1 English                               A1 English
Mrs. Poff                                 Mrs. Poff
8:45-10:15                               8:45-9:25

A2 English                               A2 English
Mrs. Poff                                 Mrs. Poff
10:15-12:00                             10:25-11:10 
LUNCH           LUNCH             LUNCH      

A3 Environmental                 A3 Enviro Sci
Science                                   Ms. Moore
Ms. Moore                              12:50-1:35
                                                 B3 Biology
                                                  Ms. Moore

Bridge Biology   Bridge Bio    Bridge Bio
Ms. Moore        Ms. Moore     Ms. Moore 
2:30-3:20            2:30-3:20        2:30-3:20