CCAP Information

CCAP – Community College Access Program

Students who qualify for the program can have up to 3 years of their tuition cost at Virginia Western covered by CCAP program – This means you can have 3 years of college tuition paid for!

How to qualify for the CCAP Program:

  1. Have a 2.0 GPA by the beginning of your senior year
  2. Attend Roanoke City Public Schools for your Junior and Senior year.
  3. Apply to Virginia Western – you will receive a 7 digit student ID# also called emplid
  4. Complete the CCAP application by the CCAP deadline
  5. Submit the website form called Request for Academic Placement Evaluation before CCAP deadline
  6. Submit the FAFSA and select Virginia Western as a school to receive your FAFSA information by the CCAP deadline
  7. Complete the FAFSA financial aid process
  8. Periodically check your Virginia Western email for any additional information needed to complete the application process. 

ALL of this must be done by the CCAP deadline, which is February 1st.