CCAP Wednesdays

Community College Access Program (CCAP) Wednesdays

The William Fleming School Counseling Department will be holding CCAP Wednesdays as an event to help students complete the CCAP process.  Links to information about this program is provided below. 


Information about CCAP Wednesdays (MS Word)


What to Bring to CCAP Wednesday Meetings (MS Word)

2022 CCAP Application Steps (MS Word)

The event will take place every Wednesday starting in November - December.  A video on how to sign up for CCAP Wednesdays for students to view is provided both in the information links above and at the link below. 

Video on How to Sign-up

Since not everyone will attend CCAP Wednesdays, the CCAP steps that students can follow on their own is provided in the links above.  If students have questions about any of this information they can contact their school counselor.