NCAA College Eligibility Requirements

NCAA Eligibility Requirements
For College Bound Athletes



*If you plan to play sports in college, you need to register with the NCAA Clearinghouse.  Ideally, this should have taken place before the end of your junior year.  However, if you still need to register, you can go to and complete the registration process. 


 **All eligibility requirements can be accessed by visiting the NCAA Clearinghouse website.**


*Once you have completed the application for eligibility online, be sure to see Mrs. Morgan in the Main Guidance Office to request that your transcript be sent to the NCAA Clearinghouse.  The NCAA cannot declare you as eligible until they have this information.

*Athletes who want to go to a Division I or Division II college must have a minimum GPA in a specified number of core courses.  Students must also meet the SAT or ACT required scores. 
    --ACT/SAT score requirements for Division I colleges are based on a sliding scale.  (The higher the core GPA, the lower the test score that is required, and vice versa.)


*Please see your athletic coach or Jacqui Moore (WFHS Counseling Coordinator) with questions and concerns regarding NCAA Eligibility.